Sunday, August 5, 2012

Joyful junking - more wonderful thrifty finds!

I am linking up with Rhoda, newest BlogHer conference sensation, for her Thrifty Treasures party at Southern Hospitality! Pretty please, click through to Rhoda's beautiful blog to see many more awesome second-hand finds. (Seriously - sock stretchers, LOVE it!!) 

Okay first up, today (Sunday 8/5) was an absolutely picture-perfect day - 80 degrees, bright blue sky, and no humidity. I spent most of the day outside just sitting on my patio doing absolutely nothing, and loved every moment of it! I did get to do some junking, though, on Saturday morning, and came away a very happy gal. In addition to scoring a working Oster waffle iron for just $2.99, I found these wonderful goodies: 

A pretty amateur painting of an old rambling house, $1.99. I actually have a collection of paintings similar to this, though most of them depict floral arrangements or barns. (You can see the collection in this Facebook album.) I love this house - but not the frame it comes in, which quite honestly isn't rustic enough for the picture. I will be doing something about that very soon! 

Two of these boldy-patterned bread & butter plates, 59 cents each. I do not own anything else in this pattern, but since I love to mix and match my dishes anyway, they will fit right in - in fact, I used one for butter just this morning when I made breakfast with my new-to-me waffle iron!

And this fabulously shabby cushion cover, just $5 - look at those beautiful faded roses!! There are two large panels and then the box-sides here - the whole thing measures about two feet wide, four feet long, and would cover a 6-inch thick piece of foam. I am thinking of making a fringed sofa pillow, and... well who knows what else. 

I hope you found something really wonderful this past weekend, or at least got to enjoy the weekend just the way you wanted to. 

More soon!

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  1. Visiting from Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures and am your newest follower.

  2. Love the fabric on the cushion! Great finds!

  3. The painting is really pretty. Found you via Thrifty Treasures!

  4. I love those plates! They would go perfectly with the ones I bought at a yard sale yesterday!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Great finds! I love that so many people are thrifting and recycling!


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