Saturday, August 11, 2012

Faux cased glass - painting vases

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I recently came across a project on Pinterest showing painted vases. Here's the pin - these vases were done by Tsuki at Little Gray Fox and I just loved the colors! 
Unfortunately, when I went to Tsuki's blog (which is adorable, by the way!), the link she had posted for the tutorial on these wasn't working. So back to Pinterest, where I did a search for "painted vases" and came up with this great little tut over on DIY Theory
This project is a great way to use those sort of "generic" vases that are so abundant in thrift stores. The urn style vase I used was one I had on hand from a floral delivery, but it was quite a bit larger than the bud vases shown in Tsuki's photo. 
You can use acrylic craft paint for this project; I do some decorative painting, so I have a lot of it on hand - including several colors in an enamel suitable for painting on glass. I'm not sure if it will be waterproof, even though it's acrylic enamel - but I do know that the regular acrylic craft paint is not waterproof. So, faux flowers only in these vases. 
I used an entire 2 oz. bottle of paint because this vase is pretty large - and I watered it down just a dab because most of my paint is a couple years old and too thick to flow smoothly. I emptied the paint into the vase and just slowly swirled it around. It seemed like there were a lot of air bubbles, but the more I swirled the more they just worked themselves out. 
Under regular lighting I think they look great! The only flaw is that it is somewhat of an uneven coat, which you can really only see if you are looking at the vase with a light source behind it: 
Once it's filled with flowers, and assuming it won't be sitting in front of a sunny window, I think it will really be beautiful. I love the depth that comes from having the color on the inside - it reminds me of the beautiful cased glass of my Fenton ruffled vase. 
After a few days of drying time, it looks great with my 90's-vintage silk peonies. I will be doing more of these! 
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