The Story of the Painted Piglet

Once upon a time, there happened each year in the faraway land of Greenfield, Iowa, an automotive swap meet of legendary proportions: panels and parts, windshields and widgets, doohickies and thing-a-ma-bobs for every car known to man, plus food and drinks for the intrepid treasure hunters, all spread out over many acres of lush Iowa farmland.

One year, there came to this swap meet young Princess Janet, who came from the neighboring hamlet of Des Moines. Now Princess Janet had about as much interest in rusty car parts as a cat has in learning to obey a human. But, determined was she to make a happy day of it in the company of her betrothed, who was called Steve.

Up and down the many aisles they traipsed, digging through boxes and picking through piles. Soon Janet began to grow weary of looking at the rusty orphaned fenders, mismatched window cranks, and other automotive miscellany. But on she trudged, thinking perhaps she might come upon a bit or bauble for the home - something worthy of a patient Princess and her castle.

Late in the afternoon Princess Janet and Steve came to the end of one aisle and turned the corner to begin the long trek up the next. Looking up the hill, an object caught the Princess's eye . It seemed to stand out from the others, appearing as but a blurry patch of white off in the distance. Princess Janet knew immediately it was something special, for it could be seen from a great distance.

Patiently she walked alongside Steve, searching was he for pieces to a 1937 Chevy, but now with a renewed sense of anticipation and hope that the bit of white at the end of the aisle would be a worthy treasure. Arriving at last at the beckoning booth, Princess Janet was delighted to collect her prize: a pretty ceramic pig, painted with lovely flowers and with a slot for inserting coins. Certainly worthy of the patient Princess and her castle, and the little ceramic pig has indeed been a treasure ever since.
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