Sunday, December 9, 2012

Adding some Christmas sparkle

I had a lot of fun making this little project - can you guess what it is?

Well here is a hint: remember the "Charming Farm," my little romantic cloche from - oh my goodness! 2010?? 
That's right, my new project is indeed a cloche. And not just any cloche - the Charming Farm has disbanded (at least temporarily) and I've used the rotating base to create this little wonderland of romance-hued Christmas baubles, under glass! 
To make this, I simply held the cloche cover open-side-up in one hand, and loaded the contents with the other. I started out with the glass ornaments... a few balls, and those charming little trains and pink flowers, and one copper-glittered pinecone just for accent... then covered the whole pile with the string of gold beaded garland. Last but not least I added a fluff of poly-fiberfill on top... er, bottom... then set the painted "pan" upside down over the glass opening. I carefully held it together and turned it right-side up, and let the contents settle. 

A couple of gentle shakes to get them to move around a bit, and it created a mesmerizing little pile of Christmas sparkle. I set the whole thing down on the pink-painted rotating base, so it's lovely from every angle. The neatest part was, everything was already on-hand so I didn't have to spend anything to make this nifty little bit of entertainment! 
I am sharing this project over at Making Monday Marvelous on Jamie's delightful blog, C.R.A.F.T.  ("Creating Really Awesome Free Things"), at the Creative Bloggers Party & Hop at Homemaker on a Dime, and at Michael's Put a Cloche on It party at Inspired by Charm! Be sure to click through to see what other creative folks have been up to this holiday season! 

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