Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hydrangea dessert plates - swwoooon!!!

Oh! And did I ever show you these blossoming beauties? I picked these up on a visit to my favorite antique mall a few weeks ago... they cost more than I normally like to pay for plates, but they were soooo pretty... and I only bought four of the 8, and when I got home immediately wished I'd bought all eight of them. 
Aren't they beautiful? They would be dessert plates, I think - too small for luncheon plates... 
I was NOT going to buy them, at $4 each... but my enabler husband said, "Do they make you happy to look at them?" Of course they do! And he bought them for me... so, maybe I can ease my guilt by saying they were a gift! 
More soon,
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New thrifty finds

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? 

Well I haven't been to London to visit the Queen, I can tell you that! 

I feel like I've been in a sort of self-imposed exile from all of my decorating, vintage treasures, and good ol' junk-hunting. Do you ever get side-tracked into another area of interest that pulls you away and suddenly you realize you've been neglecting something for awhile that used to make you really happy?

Yep, that's me. A couple weeks ago I allowed myself to get sucked back into the world of politics - reading and commiserating with like-minded pol-junkies about some the stuff going on in this beloved U.S.A. of ours, and quite honestly it depressed me to the point where I withdrew a bit from reading and commenting on all my favorite beautiful blogs. 

Add to that a new blogging project that I launched (well, am 99% ready to launch - no, it's not a political blog! LOL)... and well, I've just been MIA around here for bit.  I'm happy to say I did a little junking today and came away quite happy: I spent less that FIVE dollars! Here's what I picked up.  

A set of two deep-green fluted vases, each about 4 inches tall, 79 cents each: 

A sweet little plate featuring my favorite Spring birdies for $1.99: 

And this 11x14 frame for 99 cents, with the routed inside edges so I can fit a painted canvas inside it. I'll be painting it off-white: 

Also, before I went on hiatus a few weeks ago, I found this gorgeous covered casserole dish for $1.99. Now I need a "covered casserole" like I need another hole in my head, but this thing has SUCH a  pretty shape, was in pristine condition, and the colors and scrolly design are really pretty. You can see the backstamp in one of the photos below - it is the Signature Collection, Queen Anne pattern, made in Japan. 

Alongside it were cups, saucers, berry bowls, bread plates, luncheon plates and a sugar/creamer set, all in the same pattern, for 79 cents per piece. I picked up 4 each of the bread plates, luncheon plates and berry bowls   - trying to leave some for someone else to discover, and trying to stick to buying what I knew I might actually use. (I actually tried to sell all these pieces on Ebay after I got them home, but no takers. That's okay - I wanted to keep them anyway!) 

How about you - what have you found lately? 

More soon,
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