Monday, December 3, 2012

A little Christmas decor

I've spent the last couple weeks with a cold, but this past weekend I finally felt pretty good and was getting anxious to get some Christmas decorating done. On Saturday I completed a couple of tabletops, and on Sunday I got the tree up and the window garlands hung. That's all in the living room. Next project is the dining room, which is a bit trickier because that's kind of our "catch-all room" and it requires a lot of tidying up (gathering mail, clearing flat surfaces) before much of anything can be decorated. So that's maybe next weekend. 
I did want to share one of my two favorite tabletops this week - I really like how this worked out. First, here's the scene in our living room - you are correct, we have lived in this house more than four years now and still have almost nothing on the walls. (See those perfect pillows on the loveseat? They were a true thrifty bargain at $1.99 each!) 
Here is the table in question... this is the antique table from my grandparents' house that I used in my springtime tablescape some time ago. 

The scarf used as a runner belonged to my mother-in-law Betty. I wanted to pull in a little of the metallic shimmer from the scarf so I framed one of my favorite Christmas cards in a dollar-store frame. Later I changed this to a card with red and gold in it, and I think I may change it yet again to a family photo. I do normally keep decorating magazines on this table, but for this display I rounded up a small stack of holiday issues of Romantic Homes for seasonal browsing.

The glass creation was a gift from my sister-in-law last year. It's kind of a "totem," made from various glass pieces that she thrifted. I stuffed a long string of red shiny beads under the base, and it needs a red or green votive in the top. (The figurine behind the votive holder is a hummingbird.)

The little snowman was a Walgreens acquisition several years ago... and the wooden bud vase containing the silk poinsettias was hand-turned by Mr. Piglet last year, using box elder wood. 

More to share very soon - for now I am linking my little shimmery red tabletop display at Tabletop Tuesday, over at Marty's delightful blog, "A Stroll Thru Life," and also to Transformation Thursday at Shabby Creek Cottage. Be sure to click through for more pretty displays and great ideas! 
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