Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet and simple Easter dinner

We had a very quiet but lovely Easter Sunday - just the three of us celebrating - which included a visit from the Easter Bunny (he brought Scripture-themed t-shirts and a "God Is Love" necklace, plus Peanut Butter Eggs, for our daughter) and a very yummy dinner served on a pretty table. Yes, I actually broke out a tablecloth - this is unique because our dining room table usually has computers sitting on it so normally we just shove them out of the way!

It was hard to get a good overall picture, but it sure looked pretty in person. Since there are only three of us and the table normally sits against a wall, I put the centerpiece to the back of the table.

The "Crazy Daizies" really looked bright and cheery in my white ironstone pitcher. The white runner is actually a pillow sham (thrift-store find).

The plate, dish and relish spoon are for the butter and jelly that accompanied the dinner rolls. The jelly dish is a vintage piece of Depression Glass; I believe the pattern is called Swirl.

I haven't done too much in my table settings with lots of accessories yet; I tend to keep things simple so we have plenty of room to pass the dishes. We are of course using my beautiful everyday stainless flatware, "Chandelier" by Oneida.

I liked how the sun was coming in through the dining room window for most of these pictures.

Here are the plates at each setting - just 2 layers. The gold-rimmed plates (from Pier 1 many years ago) were for bread...

... and of course the Corning Centura "Tulip" plates were for the main meal.

Here is the detail on the dinner plates - so pretty! I recently got a set of sixteen of these (8 dinner and 8 salad) at the Goodwill, in pristine condition, for $2.99!!

Our meal consisted of "grilled favorites" (bacon-wrapped sirloin filets for my daughter and I, and a rib-eye for hubby), cheesy scalloped potatoes, a giant crab-stuffed portabello mushroom (split three ways - it was HUGE), and dinner rolls. And, after our tummies had settled, dessert was served: strawberries and ice cream served on homemade shortcake - yum!!

Hope your Easter celebration was delightful!

More soon!

More breaking news from the yard

Another bit of "yard drama" I've been meaning to share (in addition to the loss of half my lilac bush - arg!) ... after doing some brush-clearing in an area of our yard that used to be a vegetable garden, I discovered a small, struggling redbud tree.

Back at our old house we had a really pretty one that I carefully pruned each year so it developed a truly beautiful rounded canopy. Sadly, the crews that demolished our house after the flood in 2008 almost immediately snapped this poor tree in half with the backhoe. It was heart-breaking. So I was quite ecstatic to uncover this little specimen in our new backyard - yes, we've lived here almost 3 years and I've never seen it before - that's how "covered" it was by all the overgrowth in the former vegetable garden! Hard to get a picture of the full tree, but here's a close-up of a few of the buds finally in bloom.

Also, we haven't mowed yet for the first time so there are violets everywhere amongst the bright green grass. Here's the view heading up the hill from the vegetable garden - it looks like a little "meadow" of violets!

A close-up of some of the violets...

And, it looks like this shrub is back in full force this year - it didn't bloom nearly as much in 2010, and needs to be trimmed a bit, but it's one of the few things that's bloomed under our recently-overcast skies. My mother-in-law called this Quince.

Close-up of quince blooms...

More soon!
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