Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update on Home Goals - yes, already! I KNOW!!

You know how sometimes you take a few minutes to go back and read through some of your past blog posts, admire your handiwork, chuckle over some of your more clever turns-of-phrase... wait, no? Surely that's not just ME...

Anyhoo, I'm getting ready to launch my li'l blog's Facebook page and I wanted to cast a critical eye over it to see if it's ready for prime time. I happened to take a quick pass-read through my Home Goals for 2012.

Turns out, I've actually accomplished something already this year - and it's only been 11 days since I laid out my goals! I'm pleased to report:

#2 - Basement laundry area - We prepared some bleach solution and sprayed it all over the walls of the cinder block shower stall, killing the mold and preparing to scrape it off.

#3 - Closets - The hardware on the floor that guides the sliding doors has been replaced on three of the four! I'm confident Closet #4 will be completed soon.

#4 - I cleaned the master bedroom, and changed the sheets. The counter on both these tasks now starts over at zero. My mother-in-law would have been thrilled, given her opinion of my housekeeping - which, oddly enough, is an opinion shared by me.

#6 - I've been infusing my conversation with references to re-doing the kitchen ("before picture" shown above), because this one will cause a major disruption to the household and Mr. Piglet will undoubtedly be called in to help. Or, he will see me doing something 'wrong' and will step in to volunteer his assistance. I've brought home some paint color samples, and I found this very re-assuring post from Remodeling Guy detailing how to re-finish kitchen cabinets using spray paint.

I am very encouraged by all these developments. How're you doing on YOUR home goals?

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