Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gathering mode

I must be in "gathering mode" - I've been shopping like crazy, hitting the thrift stores and hunting down bargains on Ebay, and having absolutely wonderful luck! (I consider myself lucky that in addition to having the "hording gene," I also seem to have the "purging gene." I can be brutal in getting rid of stuff - do NOT hire me to clean out your stash!) I'm so excited to show you some of my recent finds!

First, after last week's encounter with a local Ebay seller who had some beautiful Rose Chintz plates, I stumbled upon another auction for over 60 pieces of this lovely pattern - all with what I believe to be the original vintage backstamp. A few items were listed as chipped or cracked, but most of the lot was to be in good condition - so I held my breath and took the plunge as the first bidder, and won! A very large box arrived for me on Saturday, and it contained my Rose Chintz treasure: 

Now all of this is not for me - I will be keeping a few pieces, and offering the rest for sale as soon as I can go through it all, touch each piece, look for chips, cracks, etc. - but by and large, it seems the auction description was spot-on with only a few pieces that are truly unusable. (But even those would make lovely props in a vintage vignette!) I am thrilled! 

Also from Ebay were a large lot of colorful cloth napkins - some for crafting and some for the table: 

And this pretty little original oil painting featuring a bold red teapot and dainty green cup. It's only 8 x 6 inches in size, and I'm now on the hunt for a suitable frame: 

This auction was also a great deal: a bargain price for a set of 6 dinner plates in Homer Laughlin Eggshell Georgian "Countess," free shipping, and a motivated seller who accepted my "best offer" AND even sent me one extra plate! I am IN. LOVE. with this pretty, pretty pattern! 

Next up are the thrift-store finds. I nabbed this sweet serving bowl for just 79 cents at the Goodwill: 

And I paid just under $20 total for these three treasures at my favorite antique mall, the Brass Armadillo, where it was 15 percent off day!  

Here they are in closeup - first, a sweet little bust standing about 10 inches high. I had one of these years ago but it got broken and I've been looking almost 10 years for a replacement at a great price.  

Next, a pair of white bread plates in mulberry transferware - and the most informative backstamp I've ever seen! I'm now on a mission to learn more about Miss Clarice Cliff - it seems she was more of an art deco designer for various English potteries, and did not like these formal "transferware" patterns. I, however, simply love them - especially in red or mulberry.  

Finally - this pretty table runner in Spring hues of pink, lavender and soft gray. I think this may find its way into the next vignette on Grandma's table!  

Whew!! That's been my fun for the past week - oh! And, I have finally taken the plunge and put a few things into an Etsy shop! You can find it here:  All dishes for right now, but working on expanding as fast as I can! 

I hope you have had some moments of thrifty joy this week - what have you found lately that you absolutely love?? 

More soon,

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  1. Wow Janet! What amazing luck you have been having! I love all your treasures! That huge lot of china is amazing! Excited to see you have opened an ETSY store....I'm planning to open mine this week on my spring break! I have a question for did you figure out what to charge for shipping? I am so excited to get it going! I'll be gathering& photographing tomorrow...wish me luck!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Good luck!! :) On the shipping, you can set up "shipping profiles" where it's like a set amount. Knowing the type of stuff I was going to sell, and having sold a little of it on Ebay in the past, I had a good idea of what it would cost to ship something small, like S&P shakers - so that profile I called "small" and assigned it a flat dollar amount. I made additional profiles for medium and large based on other items I might be selling (and have sold in the past). So now when I list something I just choose a profile that I think will fit. It's not exact... I might make a little or lose a little on the shipping sometimes... but hopefully it all evens out and is reasonable. Also, I think it's kind of a work-in-progress. If I don't sell anything and I get to thinking that maybe it's my shipping prices, I'll fiddle with them. :)

  3. Sure wish you lived closer. I have almost a complete service for 8 of that Homer Laughlin china. I can't imagine packing it up to mail.

  4. Aww Grammy - thanks for the thought, now I'm disappointed! LOL The gal who packed my big box of Rose Chintz sure did a good job but I do imagine it took her a long time - it took me over an hour to UNpack it! So glad you stopped by! ~Janet


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