Sunday, February 10, 2013

Printer cozy part 2, and a freebie

I noted on Twitter this past week that things change quickly - sometimes daily! - in the ol' Mom cave. I recently showed a picture of the cute little cozy I made for our scanner/printer, using a finished standard pillow sham. I sewed up the corners and made a nicely-fitting box cover. 

Well, "the rest of the story" is that this is only one of two printers that we owned, and both of them were out of ink. Needless to say, we finally came to the point where we HAD to print something, and also needless to say, we discovered it was cheaper to buy one new all-in-one unit than to replace the ink in both of them. 

So - short version: we got a new all-in-one printer, but it's more square than rectangular and now my cute little cozy doesn't fit properly! 

Now it's not all bad news... the good news is that we can print, remotely, with the cozy on. We only have to remove it if we want to use the document feed on top for multiple pages, or the scanner. So while the cozy doesn't fit as well as it did on the other one, this unit is functional while still "sort of" covered with shabby roses! 

The other bit of serendipity here is that by getting rid of two pieces of equipment, I freed up the top of this very pretty antique table for a display or vignette of some sort. 

In other news, at work this week someone had set this little cutie on a table in the employee breakroom with a sign attached, "Free to a good home." My first thought was that the basket was a little too "cute country" for my current tastes, but my second thought was "spray paint." So, with the notion that I might eventually paint the basket, I snatched it up.  

I have to admit, it's kinda growing me just as it is. (Ha! get it? GROWING on me... because it's greenery... oh I crack me  up!) 

How was your week? :) 

More soon, 

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  1. I am always out of! You're right about being able to replace the printer for the cost of ink...crazy! It's great that you can print with the cozy on...:) Your freebie is cute...reminds me of my old kitchen decor. I had apple decor for years!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane


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