Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dishing up some new thrifty finds

Haha, no, contrary to the way it may appear, this little blog has not completely fallen off the face of the earth! I haven't been posting here much (or anywhere for that matter) but I am still keeping up with reading all my favorite home/decorating/DIY/craft blogs... it has been a busy year with my daughter graduating from high school and now getting ready to go off on her summer missions trip and then head to college. I am a proud (if somewhat weepy) mama! 

I also finally have a few days off from work, and got the bug to go thrifting today. Tried a few garage sales but found nothing worthwhile (I feel a "pet peeve" post coming on!), then hit one of my favorite thrift stores and found this pristine Liberty Blue dinner plate. 

This is a pattern I've wanted to collect for awhile - I love the rich blue-and-white combination - but, I am actually doing a little experiment with this piece. You see, what I really would like to have is another Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner plate, so that I will finally have a set of four. So I have posted my Liberty Blue in the barter section of my local CraigsList, and I have also started an "Items I'll Barter" board on Pinterest - all in hopes that someone locally will want to trade plate-for-plate. 

I also found a few other wonderful bargains, including this little set of four Fireking bread/dessert plates - just 89 cents apiece. 

And, three pieces of Pfaltzgraff Summer Breeze - a 14-inch platter, and two 8-inch serving or mixing bowls, just $2.99 each. I might just try bartering these too, but I do love the colors. Maybe I'll keep the bowls and barter the platter. 

More soon!  

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