Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vintage label projects

I'm linking up to "Brag Monday" at The Graphics Fairy! Be sure to check out all the wonderful projects featuring vintage graphics! 

Well I can't believe Valentine's Day came and went, and from a decorating and crafts perspective, I missed it! LOL One thing I really would like to do is get in a groove of crafting decorating accent pieces for various holidays throughout the year. Valentine's Day would have been a great opportunity, but I've had a crazy-busy month at work and have barely had time for any crafting at all! 

At any rate, I do have a few small projects I've been working on, and I've been meaning to share this fun series of label projects I completed using pretty vintage labels from The Graphics Fairy. (What a wonderful site for images to spruce up your vintage finds!) For containers, I used a tall Ball jar, a half-pint Ball jar, an old recipe box, and a junk-pile medicine bottle.   

With the exception of the half-pint jar, the containers are all vintage finds. I started by choosing images of a shape and scale fitting for each container, then sizing them and cutting them out. 

I swirled enough school glue on the back of each label to cover it, and used a foam brush to make an even coat. Then just pressed them down onto each surface.

Next I taped off around the labels on the glass containers, leaving just the tiniest margin. I then sprayed each with a couple of thin coats of spray sealer. The margin allowed the sealer to hold down the edges against the glass. No need to tape off the recipe box - I simply sealed the whole container. 

Here are the results:

What have you been up to? Finding vintage treasures, I hope! 

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  1. What a pretty and practical way to recycle!

    Thank you so much for joining the linky party. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Sure appreciate you stopping by, Laura!


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