Monday, December 26, 2011

Use what you have: Christmas Centerpiece

Sure hope you had a lovely Christmas - we were blessed this year to have my husband home from the hospital (18 days, for an appendectomy and many resulting complications!) so we kept things simple; I even felt like I was able to slow down and actually enjoy things rather than rushing around at the last minute to make things impossibly perfect. And you know what happened? It was perfect all on its own!

One of my favorite parts of our little family Christmas is making our lunch on Christmas Day. This year I decided I was going to dress up the table a little bit (highly unusual in this neck of the woods), but I didn't think things through soon enough to purchase a centerpiece. So I decided to just make one from materials I had on hand. Here's what I came up with, after picking a stray piece of left-over garland from the craft box and a few ornaments off the tree, plus my lavender candlesticks and tapers, all on-hand:

holiday centerpiece

holiday centerpiece closeup

holiday centerpiece closeup

More soon!

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