Monday, March 21, 2011

Lace tablecloth bargain

Just a couple quick photos to share one of my favorite bargains from this week. Stopped in at Dollar General because I'd found some cute vinyl tablecloths there last year for the porch and patio, and found this gem for $5. Surprise, it's vinyl!

The "lace detail" on the sides looks very summer-sheer...

...and the top detail is also lovely.

The brand is True Living - I believe this comes in round or oblong for your outdoor tables. (Or even indoor, for easy clean-up!)

Also, I encountered something really cool while taking these photos. I had set my phone down on the table to pull it out from the wall a bit, and discovered that the lens opening could actually peek through the holes in the lace. I snapped a couple photos of the view looking down toward the floor through the holes - in those pictures where the peep-hole was tiny, the lens picked up the edging around that hole and because it's out of focus it almost looks like a layer of "cloud cover" over an aerial photo. I liked the overall look and composition of these "accidental" pictures!

More soon!

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