Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spray paint before-and-afters

I've been playing with paint this week and while I seem to be getting pretty good at keeping the drips to a minimum, I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with some of my newly-painted treasures. Still, thought it would be fun to show you some before-and-afters.

First up, I nabbed this at the Goodwill this week for $2 - tested it in the store to see if it was a lazy Susan, and it wasn't. It was a pedestal, so I thought I might eventually find a stray glass top to make a nice large cloche.

Got this baby home and - oops! Turns out it IS a lazy Susan, the ball-bearings just needed a little breathing room! Gave the mechanism a little WD-40 and loosened the bolt from the bottom, and voila - spins like crazy! I painted this one a soft pink:

Contestant Number Two is this nifty metal serving tray - quite a few scratches, but thought I would paint it shabby off-white, maybe paint some flowers on it, and make a magnet board from it:

Got it home and - oops! Turns out it doesn't hold magnets! So for now it's just shabby off-white:

Contestant Number Three is this white plastic two-some - a throw-away vase from my mother-in-law's recent funeral, and a Dollar Tree plate:

I used a can of "hammered" texture bronze paint for both of these:

Originally, before I dug the vase out of the cupboard, I bought the plate because I had the idea of making a hammered bronze-looking "treat tray" or cake stand out of the two pieces together. Alas, when I got the vase out - oops! It was really the wrong scale (or shape, or something) and didn't look natural with the plate on top:

Now, with all these "goofs," I did happen upon one possibility: I paired the white metal plate with the pink lazy Susan, added a small glass top, and just *might* be able to come up with a centerpiece that can be rotated to show itself off to everyone at the table:

We shall see... for now, back to the painting station!

More soon,

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