Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shopping notes

I spent some time at our area's largest craft show this weekend; I hadn't attended for a few years and it's nice to know folks are still going strong with their crafting. It was interesting to me that I saw a lot of the "primitive" style of decorative painting, but absolutely nothing that I would put into the romantic/shabby style. I don't know if that means there's room at the show for this type of stuff, or if it's a case of "been there, crafted that, didn't make any money from it."

What eventually caught my eye, though, were the items made by a lady from Bayard, Iowa who repurposes stray pieces of silver flatware. I purchased a dinner knife in the Queen Bess pattern that had been honed down to become a letter opener, but she also had used the decorative ends of some pieces to make key fobs, rings and other small treasures. ("Spoon rings," of course, have been around for decades - but, I'd never seen these other ideas before.) I couldn't get a very good picture, but here's a bad picture of a really pretty letter opener:

On another note, I'm curious if anyone besides me buys garments at the thrift store just because they like the fabric and intend to use it in a craft project?

I recently bought a sweet little lavender skirt with a violet pattern...

and then this week purchased a blouse that's way too small for me because of the red toile pattern of the fabric.

And, although it's not a garment, I also bought a single curtain panel because of the soft, buttery yellow corduroy it was made of.

For some reason I'm envisioning pillows from each of these - it will be a matter of putting them each with the right coordinating fabric.

More soon!


  1. Hi Janet! Thanks for visiting. Glad to see you and I both enjoy Currier and Ives and Old Country Roses. Try ebay for good buys. I got OCR for around $39 a place setting - it was old, from the 1960s, but unused - still had the labels on it! You and I are from the same area. Do you like to thrift or go to tearooms? Enjoyed your take on the craft show and buying garments for craft projects. It sounds like you're both talented and creative! I don't sew,'d be nice to be able to make table runners and cloth napkins for my tablescapes. I'm glad I found your blog and I'll be back to visit soon.
    Blessings, Beth

  2. Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by! (You have an email from me by the way, regarding Currier & Ives. Be sure to take a look.) Ebay was indeed where I found my first place-setting of OCR for about that price... I haven't seen any sets go for that for quite awhile now, but I do look occasionally. Yes, I love thrift stores - "junking" is one of my favorite past-times! Tearooms, well I love the setting, and of course the dishes but I don't care for tea so I don't frequent them too much. I am sometimes at odds with myself - I recently bought a lovely silver-plated teapot because I wanted to do a tablescape with it... but I don't like tea OR coffee. It's hard to get my brain around putting Diet Coke in that type of container! LOL


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