Friday, August 6, 2010

Favorites on the wall

Here’s a look at more of the wall on which the Lavender Shelf is hanging. There are lots more treasures here!

This sweet picture of kittens hung in my grandmother’s bedroom for more than 45 years. I don’t know how long she owned it, but I used to love to stare at it when I was young and I kept it after she died. Its original frame, which was much more Victorian-looking than this modern version, was destroyed when our home flooded, but I was able to dry out the picture itself - although, the hole in the paper on the right side is also a result of flood damage.

The plates also came from Grandma’s house, where they hung over the buffet in her dining room throughout her life. They are purple transfer ware in a Johnson Brothers pattern called Great Castles of Britain. The platter depicts Cambridge Castle, while the plates show Windsor. I’ve also seen this pattern in blue, which I believe is far more common.

Finally, my husband likes a lot of 1970’s home décor, including some of the wall decorations from a company called HODA. These HODA butterflies don’t seem as dated to me as some of the other HODA pieces I’ve seen - they are just sweet enough, and timeless enough, to fit right in with my vintage items and the Lavender Shelf.

More soon!

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