Saturday, March 2, 2013

New thrifty finds

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? 

Well I haven't been to London to visit the Queen, I can tell you that! 

I feel like I've been in a sort of self-imposed exile from all of my decorating, vintage treasures, and good ol' junk-hunting. Do you ever get side-tracked into another area of interest that pulls you away and suddenly you realize you've been neglecting something for awhile that used to make you really happy?

Yep, that's me. A couple weeks ago I allowed myself to get sucked back into the world of politics - reading and commiserating with like-minded pol-junkies about some the stuff going on in this beloved U.S.A. of ours, and quite honestly it depressed me to the point where I withdrew a bit from reading and commenting on all my favorite beautiful blogs. 

Add to that a new blogging project that I launched (well, am 99% ready to launch - no, it's not a political blog! LOL)... and well, I've just been MIA around here for bit.  I'm happy to say I did a little junking today and came away quite happy: I spent less that FIVE dollars! Here's what I picked up.  

A set of two deep-green fluted vases, each about 4 inches tall, 79 cents each: 

A sweet little plate featuring my favorite Spring birdies for $1.99: 

And this 11x14 frame for 99 cents, with the routed inside edges so I can fit a painted canvas inside it. I'll be painting it off-white: 

Also, before I went on hiatus a few weeks ago, I found this gorgeous covered casserole dish for $1.99. Now I need a "covered casserole" like I need another hole in my head, but this thing has SUCH a  pretty shape, was in pristine condition, and the colors and scrolly design are really pretty. You can see the backstamp in one of the photos below - it is the Signature Collection, Queen Anne pattern, made in Japan. 

Alongside it were cups, saucers, berry bowls, bread plates, luncheon plates and a sugar/creamer set, all in the same pattern, for 79 cents per piece. I picked up 4 each of the bread plates, luncheon plates and berry bowls   - trying to leave some for someone else to discover, and trying to stick to buying what I knew I might actually use. (I actually tried to sell all these pieces on Ebay after I got them home, but no takers. That's okay - I wanted to keep them anyway!) 

How about you - what have you found lately? 

More soon,
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  1. I love all your new treasures Janet! I am a little jealous of those green vases.....I am redoing my bedroom soon in ivory, emerald green, and taupe and those vases are a perfect! You can see the inspiration lamps and fabric on my blog that led me in this direction! I am excited to see you are back....I missed your posts! Do you have much success selling on ebay? I am planning to open an ETSY shop soon and thought about ebay as well, but I have never done either. Any pointers or tips would be appreciated!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. Hi Vicky, thanks for the kind words! I can't really say I've had HUGE success with Ebay, although I've never had a "stinker" of a deal, ever... I just don't work on it consistently. I tried selling my Queen Anne pieces at slightly higher-than-I'd-like prices, but I included free shipping in the price. I don't know if that turned people off, or if it just wasn't the right time for these pieces. I did sell one item out of the eight that I listed, for the "buy it now" price. I do have an Etsy shop reserved for myself but I've never tried it so I'm not sure how it will go. I think my only piece of helpful advice for either one of them is just to be really thorough in your item descriptions (including any flaws) so people know what they're getting. Can't wait to see your shop - maybe I'll try it too and we can learn together! :)


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