Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrating sunny orange and yellow!

What an odd week it's been - such lovely mild weather (in the 50's! In Iowa - in January!), and yet a little gloom in our home as we had to say good-bye to our 12-year-old dog, Bugs.

We got Bugs from our local rescue shelter in 2003 - he was a new arrival, a stray rounded up from a neighboring county. He didn't even have a name yet! But he had a soulful look, and a calm disposition in the midst of all of the chaos of the shelter, and we brought him home. He was a loving family pet for the next decade.

Maybe it's a combination of losing the dog and being stuck inside at work during all this beautiful weather that had me yearning for some sunshine - and I found it, in one of my all-time favorite color combinations: orange and yellow!

I first knew I was in love with these two colors together when I was about five years old. Our dance teacher's assistant had a hobby of making beaded rings, and my mother agreed to buy them for my sister and I. We could pick any two colors we wanted for each ring, and after looking at all the beads I decided on orange and yellow. I remember my mother making a point to ask me, "Are you sure? They're kind of loud." I was sure, and soon I had my cheerful, sunny ring. I've been a fan of orange and yellow, together, ever since!

I can always count on these happy colors - even if they are LOUD together - to bring on a little cheer.

Do you have a color combination that you love... that makes others question your judgment? :)

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