Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bon jour Miss Fifi!

I'm sharing this sweet little ceramic poodle at Vintage Thingy Thursday. Hope you will check out ColoradoLady's link party and enjoy all the wonderful treasures!

When my daughter (who's now 18) was in elementary school, she took notice of the fact that my husband collected orphaned hubcaps and wheel covers that he'd find in the ditches of the gravel road near our house. So when she'd walk home from school along that road, she'd occasionally pick something out of the ditch and bring it to him - bungee cords, nuts and bolts, anything that looked like it belonged in the garage.

One day she came home with this cute pink poodle, having plucked it from the ditch just a few yards from the driveway. I thought it was adorable, and definitely NOT for the garage! I did a little Googling and a little Ebay hunting, and learned that the unique texture on the legs and tail was simply known as "spaghetti." So it was a spaghetti poodle. I was frankly astounded that all the texture seemed to be intact.

I also discovered that there used to be a little gold chain extending from the collar down to a smaller puppy figure, which sadly was missing at this point.

Miss Fifi in her sassy little bonnet has been a resident of our display cabinet ever since.

More soon!


  1. I've seen those dogs with puppies on a chain before, sweet! Your Miss Fifi is in great shape! Hard to believe someone abandoned her!

  2. Love that little pink poodle. I have seen some in the past similar, but nothing just like this one. They are from way back in time.

  3. LV & Nani, THANK YOU for popping over to look at dear Miss Fifi - she is a treasure!


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