Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Comfy reading chair: a thrifty mini-splurge

Although I was recently laid off from my job, I am still enjoying the rewards of having worked for my now-former employer. Apparently, I received at least five "five-star" ratings on customer surveys in February, because I recently received via FedEx the normal company reward for having done so: a $25 Visa gift card!

Now certainly there are plenty of bills this could have been put toward, but my dear hubby told me, "you earned it, you should spend it on whatever you want." And then he added, in our usual Cousin-Eddie-From-Christmas-Vacation" fashion, "And make it somethin'... real nice."

So I decided to make the thrift store rounds and see if I could find the "comfy reading chair" I had originally envisioned for my office/dressing room and, voila! I found just what I was looking for: a small-scale club chair in decent condition, and this one even had a pretty slip-cover already made for it. (This chair is actually a recliner, but I don't have room for it to lay back.)

Even better, the price was right for using my gift card!

Now granted, the slip cover is not quite what I had in mind (I was thinking roses or toile... or maybe toile roses!), but it does have some advantages: the colors in this print go with BOTH the current color of the walls in this room AND the greens and blues I've been considering painting it. Plus, the chair looks lovely with the dark wood antique table and barrister's bookcase already in the room, as well as the softly-hued hooked rug that lays at its feet.

This little chair is a BIG winner. Or, as Cousin Eddie might say, "This-here chair's a quality item. Mind if I ask ya, how much did it set ya back?" Not at all, Eddie, not at all!

More soon!

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